About Us

CFC Church in Kottayam was established by God in 1983 through the ministry of Brother Zac Poonen.
"In early 1983, a brother invited me to take special meetings for a small church of about 50 people that he was attending in Kottayam. I had also received an invitation to be the main speaker at the annual convention of another large Pentecostal denomination where many thousands would be present at the very same time.
I prayed about these two invitations and felt led by the Lord to turn down the invitation to the large convention and to go instead to the small church.
That one decision had far-reaching consequences. A handful of people in this small church were gripped by the truths of the new covenant and decided to pull out of their denomination and to gather separately.
That was the beginning of our work in Kerala. As in Jesus’ time, even so today, the Lord is looking, not for large crowds, but for wholehearted disciples" - from Chapter 34 (pages 149, 150) of 'The Day of Small Beginnings' by Zac Poonen.
These handful of people started gathering as a church at the house of a brother in Kottayam and thus the CFC church here was born in 1983.
This work has subsequently spread to many other places in Kerala. As an offshoot of the work in Kottayam, churches were planted in neighbouring places like Kozhenchery, Alappuzha, Peruva and Thiruvalla.
Now the church meets at its own meeting place at Thuthutty Junction, Kumaranalloor, Kottayam. Brothers Joji T Samuel, Santosh Mathew, Jose Jacob and Reji George are the current elders.


SUNDAY : 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Language: Malayalam with English translation
FRIDAY : 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Language: Malayalam